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2"Untitled #240"
1"Deep Architecture"
2"Sugar Routine"
1"Black Dolphin (Download Only)"

album artworkDrippin' / Deep Architecture
New Critical Heights signings Honeyslide are set to release the follow up to their sold-out debut... more

Drippin' / Deep Architecture

EP Released: 25 Jun 2013

New Critical Heights signings Honeyslide are set to release the follow up to their sold-out debut cassette the Honeyslide EP with a double A side 10inch featuring two lead tracks Drippin and Deep Architecture, plus two further tracks, Untitled #240 and Sugar Routine. Swathed in reverb, bathed in noise and drowned in dreamy vocals, Honeyslide blend the experimental with the melodic to provide thrillingly provocative sounds.

The 10inch captures a specific moment in time in the history of Honeyslide, with a cross section of work from the end of 2012, less than a year after the recording and release of their debut EP. The new record features a track from their debut, the first song they ever wrote, Drippin, which has been lovingly remastered. The rest of the tracks represent the progress of an adolescent band as they grapple with discovering their true sound, whilst having a hell of a time along the way.

Even the artwork comments on the continuously evolving nature of the band, featuring the original Honeyslide EP artwork defaced with splattered paint, virtually obscuring the image. The band are saying goodbye to the old version of Honeyslide as they hurtle onwards creatively, constantly evolving, continually changing and poised to become something utterly spectacular.

Based in London, Honeyslide comprises the core trio of Josh (guitar), Mo (guitar/vocals) and Meytal (bass/vocals). Their live shows are intense and brutally loud, having shared the stage with bands such as Swedish punks Holograms, Dignan Porch and Yucks bassists side project Parakeet. The band will be playing a lot more in 2013, keep your ears peeled.