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1"Warhorse Round-Up"
2"Zombie From Albequrque"
3"All Your Money"
4"Step Into The Marina"
5"Tappin' That Ass"
6"Pensioner Progeny"
7"Puff Up The Volume"
8"It's A Tough Day, Hard Day"
9"Geezer Lament"
10"#noschool Rap Report"
11"Antediluvian Curmudgeonry"
12"Dr Giggles"
13"Kosmische Karma"
14"Sweet Leader"
15"Mossback Repugnance"
16"Jack Is In A Hotdog"
17"Penultimate Fuddy-Duddy"
18"Mottel In The Hotel"
19"Golden-Ager Croak"

album artworkPuff Up The Volume
The recent full-length from Brooklyn duo Talibam! Previously known for their avant-jazz,... more
album artworkStep Into The Marina (#noschool)
With over twenty records and countless tours to their name, Talibam! are rightly acclaimed as one... more

Puff Up The Volume

Album Released: 10 Sep 2012

The recent full-length from Brooklyn duo Talibam! Previously known for their avant-jazz, experimental rock leanings, 'Puff Up the Volume' sees Talibam! turning their considerable talents towards an album of synth-pop-infused, comedy-soaked 'No School' Rap. Having collectively been in bands with members of Battles, TV on the Radio and Grizzly Bear, Matt Mottel and Kevin Shea have joined 'Brooklyn's Finest' and made an album of hook riddled pop star bombast.

'Puff Up the Volume', is Talibam!'s '#NO SCHOOL' Rap debut

They like to say "if you went to rap school you wasted your money". This epic record is chock-full of party anthems and raw emotional verse, solidifying the duo as a skilled production team.

Talibam!'s 'Puff Up the Volume' represents the outcome of poetic circumstance. Drummer Kevin Shea's big toe was crushed during a gong accident in 2009 forcing him to play bass drum with his left foot for the rest of a tour and the subsequent recording session engineered by Dirty Projector's touring sound engineer Etienne Foyer in Paris.

The circumstance 'liberated' Talibam! From their previous ethos with drummer Kevin Shea bumping a BIG BEAT flavour along side Matt Mottel's spicy Mini Moog mastery.

''Puff Up the Volume' will enter your head and stay there. The craft in songwriting, the focus on synth tone, the forceful funk of the drums and the verbal 'epuffianies' spit by Kevin Shea and Matt Mottel make this album a contender for 'album of the year.' Each song is a gold nugget ready for mass appeal.

Get ready to breathe DEEP and 'PUFF UP THE VOLUME'

Forthcoming Live Dates:
10-12 May: ATP festival, Camber Sands, UK