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1"Wanna Get To Know You"
2"Cyborg Sweetie"
4"Inverted Image"
5"Smooth Ride"
6"Teardrops In The Purple Dimension"
7"Feline Divine"
8"Moon Moods"
9"Lonely Drive"
10"Avocado Afternoon"

album artworkMoon Moods
Critical Heights are proud to present the latest album from LA's Diva Dompé. Moon Moods contains... more
album artworkCyborg Sweetie
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album artworkThe Glitter End
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Moon Moods

Album Released: 08 Oct 2012

Critical Heights are proud to present the latest album from LA's Diva Dompé. Moon Moods contains ten tracks filled with wonder and electro pop enchantment.

Having honed her pop dynamic to a gloriously melodic precision, Diva plucks inspiration from a myriad of different styles and genres of music including doo-wop, R&B, hip hop, exotica, disco, psych and new age. The results are dizzyingly captivating. Her live shows are a spectacular blend of music and performance art, with fabulous costume changes and mesmerising visuals.

Moon Moods was written and recorded first on a tascam 8-track cassette recorder using bass, guitar, and various cheap and scavenged keyboards, samplers and effects. Wanting to clean up the muddiness of the sound, Diva re-imagined these songs in the digital realm. Though still using bits and pieces from the cassette demos, she expands upon these, making Moon Moods much clearer and cleaner sounding than her previous work.

Moon Moods is thematically as varied as its musical inspirations, combining songs about heartache with tunes containing references to mysticism, magic and the occult. A few of the tracks follow Diva's spiritual journey: coming to terms with uniting her life on earth with the otherworldly and supernatural, but with Smooth Ride she realizes that we are all on our way to harmonizing the seemingly disparate into one paradise.

In the production process she collaborated with her father, Bauhaus drummer Kevin Haskins, and also enlisted the help of veteran producer and mixer Nick Page as well as the legendary John Fryer (4AD, Mute, Nine Inch Nails). Guest musicians on the record include sax players Liz Armstrong and Zumi Rosow on Smooth Ride. Kevin Haskins plays auto harp on Tear Drops in the Purple Dimension and there's also a secret guest who played stand-up bass on Inverted Image.

Having grown up in Los Angeles, Diva is a fixture of its varied music scene. She currently is also involved in the goddess performance art group Babes, as well as collaborating and performing here and there with other friends and musicians. She has shared tours with Ariel Pink, Os Mutantes, Sun Araw, M Geddes Gengras, Matthewdavid, and Mi Ami. Before deciding to focus mainly on her solo work Diva was a member of Pocahaunted, L.A. Ladies Choir, and blackblack.

"Dompe turns familiar ingredients into spellbinding new flavours." Uncut 4*s

"a looping, psychedelic, big warm cauldron of molten nectar noise? Diva?s trippy grooves evoke a lighter, less masculine Sun Araw." Drowned in Sound 8/10