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1"Cyborg Sweetie"
2"Teardrops In The Purple Dimension"

album artworkMoon Moods
Critical Heights are proud to present the latest album from LA's Diva DompƩ. Moon Moods contains... more
album artworkCyborg Sweetie
**** Limited Edition RECORD STORE DAY 7" **** Game's up. Truth's out. Fog's lifted. Diva... more
album artworkThe Glitter End
Los Angeles is a trip. And currently the musics emanating from this West Coast dreamland are... more

Cyborg Sweetie

EP Released: 21 Apr 2012

**** Limited Edition RECORD STORE DAY 7" ****

Game's up. Truth's out. Fog's lifted. Diva Dompe is L.A.'s foremost underground polymath: musician, scientist, artist; she's a special talent.

Whereas last year's marvellous full length, "The Glitter End", revelled in a psychedelic fug of tropicalia and analogue squelch; the first glimpse of new LP "Moon Moods" suggests our heroine has honed her pop dynamic with a gloriously melodic precision. Here the Angeleno backdrop that couches much of Diva's work is shot through with neon and laser light rather than incense glow.

A heady push of chrome and fluorescence, Cyborg Sweetie tells a Deckard-like tale of unrequited "techno-love" that is addictive in the extreme. As Diva's powerful vocal transitions to a banging (gull-winged) muscle car cruise of a tune, we imagine radios across the globe crunching in unison.

On the flip Teardrops In The Purple Dimension gives us midnight in Echo Park, but the sky is clear and we are lifted to the stars. Another stunning vocal leads us on a slow-mo trip into galactic unity: the micro and macro correspond, and "all time, all space drifts away". But this is only the beginning. Like we said, Diva's gonna rule 2012, apocalypto or not.