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1"Bending The Rules Of Time"
2"When The Devil Says He's Dead"
3"Trust "
4"October "
5"Photographic Memory"
6"Apostrophe Lake"
9"Cemetery Lounge"
10"Crows "
11"Sisters "
12"Seconds In Motion"

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Savaging Spires
Savaging Spires

Album Released: 05 Sep 2011

Enchanting from the off, their eponymous debut is set to become a real cult classic, crossing secret paths between pastoral psych collaging and knowingly meticulous folk composition in the flicker of a hare's whisker. Wicker Man references abound, but there's something far more wyrd at play here, an instinctively organic flow between seemingly improvised jamming and full blown choral harmonies bound to take your breath away.

It's psychedelic is the lushest manner, but not like "damn, i wish this acid would give up now", and more in that tangible yet almost imperceptible trippy manner, like they'd all supped mead brewed with infected yeast or shared bread baked with lysergic rye and nobody is the wiser.

Attempting to deconstruct or describe this any further may damage the pure aura of this incredible record so we'll just say this is an absolute essential for lovers of truly beautiful folk music.

Review by Boomat

"This eponymous debut from Savaging Spires has 'cult hit' written through it like a stick of Blackpool Rock.

The record is executed so well, that it's near-impossible to avoid becoming addicted to its charms. Broadly split between standalone songs and sound-collaging passages, the ensemble glide seamlessly through the pagan eeriness of The Wicker Man soundtrack, Espers' druggy bucolic edginess, the underrated invention of Tyrannosaurus Rex's Unicorn and the affectionate irreverence of Can's 'Ethnological Forgery Series' pieces.

Rendered with harmonious yet freewheeling boy-girl vocal interlacing and more diverse acoustic instrumentation than one might trip over backstage at the Green Man Festival, the dozen gathered tracks shrewdly straddle the line between the shambolic looseness and meticulous craftsmanship with knowing but captivating flair.

Quite where this mysterious group will head in future is unclear but middle-aged men with unkempt beards might one day be fighting for this soon-to-be-rare artefact, with almost as much ferocity as they once did for original vinyl copies of Vashti Bunyan's Just Another Diamond Day. Grab it whilst it's hot (and affordable) "

Review written by Adrian P, Delusions of Adequacy, September,