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1"Pythian Cleft"
2"Singing, Ringing Tree"
3"Another Sunset"

album artworkGet Off Their Knees
Owen Tromans and Seb Hunter have been spinning their web of improvised intrigue as Delphic... more

Delphic Vapours
Get Off Their Knees

Album Released: 12 Sep 2011

Owen Tromans and Seb Hunter have been spinning their web of improvised intrigue as Delphic Vapours for several years now. The duo meld their guitars into a miasma of drone and melody where the six strings are just as likely to spew forth ancient synth gurgle or catastrophic waves of fuzz as divinely clipped arpeggios. Rarely discussing the musicks before they are produced allows for a truly organic process. But this isn't a health drink. There is plenty of spike in the brew, as "Get Off Their Knees" proves.

"Singing, Ringing Tree" envelops the listener in a liquid atmosphere heavy with foreboding, as cyclopean tusks of noise leer up through the foggy drone. When melody enters it is forlorn and broken. A sailor's song from some unknown depth.

"Pythian Cleft" is a different beast entirely. Recorded at a live show in Winchester, it builds through a desert wasteland of clean, echoed guitars to a heat haze of hum and rumble. Finally the piece levitates from the sands like some forgotten starcraft as boosted tremolos kick forth toward the stratosphere.

"Another Sunset" is so long we couldn't get it on the CD. So you, dear listeners, get a download bonus. A defiantly lo-fi exercise in tone manipulation; we'll leave you to imagine Les Rallizes and Cluster in a lift shaft.